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2 x 60 tablets

Energizing men’s tonic

Herbs of Gold Gomax is a 5-in-1 herbal formula traditionally used for increasing men’s energy and vitality.

  • Men’s health
  • Stamina & endurance
  • Physical strength
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  • Green oats, also known as wild oats, are nutritious grains harvested during the late milk to early dough stage of maturity, where the seed heads are still green.
  • Green oats has been used in traditional medicine to support men’s health, vitality and overall performance.
  • Tongkat Ali, popularly referred to as the “Malaysian Ginseng”, has been traditionally used to boost energy.
  • Tongkat Ali may help increase physical strength.
  • The combination of sea buckthorn, stinging nettle and damiana extracts is beneficial for overall vitality and well-being in men.

Suitable for men who:

  • Always feel tired and fatigued
  • Wish to retain energy and vitality
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